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Die-cut Sticker
Case Study


Overview: Lantern Press wanted to add die-cut stickers to their catalog of products. Their existing library of images could be called on to be broken out and transformed into stickers with dynamic frames and shapes. Launched in Spring 2019, these needed to market-ready for a Las Vegas trade show two months later.

contour process C.png

​Responsibilities:  I served as project lead, responsible for making sure the designers, production team, and programmers were communicating. I was an active part of the visual design. After the design was finalized, I became the sole owner of the digital template, and created the documentation for future designs.

contour process A.png

Bridging Design and Programming: I served as one of the designers, working collaboratively with the team. Through many debates we settled on a light gray background, that would allow the edges of the sticker to be viewable from a  distance.

After the design was settled, I was responsible for creating the illustrator template that the entire team would be using moving forward. I had to make the file small enough for automation by our programming team, with layer and variable names that worked for both designers and programmers. I created a training doc based off of Lantern Press' brand guidelines, explaining each layer's purpose, with multiple examples of completed stickers and the thought process behind them.

contour process B.png

​Final Results: We were able to launch on time, with several stickers designed and ready for the trade show. From the feedback we got, we made some alterations, including limiting the sizes offered from four to two.

These were a massive success, entering the top 5 products sold, generating over $680k in its first year.

3 stickers white background.png
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