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Giraffe Illustration
Case Study


Overview: Norwegian Cruise Lines was launching a destination course, with the focus of its destinations being located throughout Africa. Lantern press was approached to make multiple illustrations to present to them, which would then be turned into souvenirs offered on their ships.



Responsibilities: All designers were given the opportunity to make illustrations in their personal style. The limitation was that anything designed should have the general appeal, so if they were not chosen they could be repurposed later.

Decisions Made: I settled on an illustration featuring a giraffe. This call was made from market data Lantern Press had found, determining what animals were most market-viable.

I focused on bright colors, strong shapes, and textured edges. I started my career with a focus on vector illustration, so those design decisions show up even in my raster work.

1_1 giraffe

The Results: Norwegian Cruise Line did select the illustration as one of their pieces. It would be ordered on multiple products.



Not only was the giraffe picked Norwegian Cruise Line, it was also sold to Reid Park Zoo in Arizona.



Because of the success of this "storybook" style, a llama was also illustrated and successfully sold to varying zoos and stores in California.

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