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Composite Mock-up
Case Study


Overview: Lantern Press' need for product photos grew as the business expanded. Taking photos of printed products was no longer time or cost effective, so a new solution was needed.


combo square


Responsibilities: I needed to create digital assets that could be updated quickly and seamlessly to be used for advertising campaigns, catalogs, and online retailers. Once created, I needed to create the documentation for the design team.

The Process: These assets were made in Photoshop. Starting with photos of blank products, the shadows and highlights were extracted and layered on top. From there, a smart object was made from existing print files. This meant that anything mocked-up would match the final product.


Mock-ups destined for catalogs had higher levels of scrutiny, since they would be so much larger and be looked at more heavily.

The composites destined for online retailers needed to be as small and simple as possible. I also had to make sure that every file was suitable for automation. This meant consistent file and layer naming, frequent testing, and a constant focus on keeping file-size down.

​The Result: During my time at Lantern Press, I developed roughly one hundred mock-ups. These were used for all internal and external materials. As Lantern Press pivoted towards more online sales as COVID-19 hit, these assets made the launch of thousands of products on Amazon possible. These also freed up our in-house photographer to pursue other projects.

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